Thursday, January 6, 2011

A new headboard

When we were getting ready for the baby, we moved our bed. However, there was nothing to lean against. Reading before going to sleep was uncomfortable.
So, I decided to build a headboard. The top piece is made from a cherry branch that broke during a big snow storm last year. The rest of it is made from cedar.

The most interesting part of making this was figuring out how to make a straight grove in the round cherry branch to insert the cedar boards. I put the branch on a flat table and used a router to carve out the grove. It worked better than I thought it would.

It is very sturdy and it smells nice, too. It has been very useful.

Where do you usually read?


  1. Looks cool!!! I love smelling of trees, especially Hinoki.

    Reading in bed makes me fall asleep easily….

  2. Thanks! I am glad you like it. It has been so useful, especially for Katy and Kai at night.