Monday, November 1, 2010

Zombie plant

My friend gave me a small plant three years ago. I put it in my office and it got really big. It grew taller than me! But, it can get in the way and I sometimes bump it accidentally. I tried to move it once and a branch fell off. I felt kind of sad.

I didn't want to throw the branch in the trash, so I put it in a bucket of water. It grew roots! I was so happy. I took it home and put it in some new dirt. Now, I have two plants.

A few weeks ago, another branch fell off. This time, I wasn't so sad. I put it in water and it is growing nice roots, too. I will put it in dirt soon and give it to a friend.

This plant is amazing. It is hard to kill, kind of like a zombie. It just keeps making new plants.

Have you ever tried this with one of your plants? (perhaps with some flowers you kept in a vase?)

1 comment:

  1. I think this plant very strong!
    I want to see it:)

    But I've never grown plants.
    I want to try but what plant is good for grow?