Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend in the garden

The sweet potatoes are on the left, under the weeds. The black beans are on the right.

The weather was beautiful this weekend. I spent both afternoons working outside in our bigger garden. It had been months since I did anything to it. You can see all the healthy weeds.

First, I harvested the black beans. They are very important for us because we don't eat meat or fish at home. I cut the plants and left the roots in the ground. (The nitrogen attached to the roots of the beans will help the next crop grow.) I will hang these beans on our fence to dry. They will last us a year and we can plant the extra to grow more.

Forget the sports car, I just wish my legs would fit into a k-truck. 

The first one!
Next, I harvested the sweet potatoes. There was a little over 25 kg total. These will probably last us until April or May. Sweet potatoes are my favorite vegetable. I can't wait to eat them.

Onions still waiting to be eaten from last year's harvest.
On Sunday afternoon, I went back. After digging up sweet potatoes, the dirt was soft and weed-free. I put down a sheet of plastic, poked some holes with a stick and planted onions. I put in about 200 yellow onions and 50 red onions. The red onions don't keep very long, but the yellow onions will feed us for a year.

It felt really nice to be outside. I saw a lot of really cool bugs in the dirt, too. There is a lot of life beneath our feet.

What should I make with all these vegetables?


  1. I didn't know that you have this big garden!!
    How do you cook the sweet potatoes?
    I like roasting them with stones(ishiyaki-imo).

  2. Your suggestion sounds interesting. Do you use a real stone?

    My favorite way to cook sweet potatoes is to shred them with a cheese shredder, rinse them and cook them on a hot plate, like hash browns. Then, I like to put sour cream and jam on top. It is so good, especially with a fried egg on the side.

    Add a smoothie and this is my favorite breakfast.

    I have to wait a few weeks before the sweet potatoes will be ready to eat, but I will post a photo next time we make this.

  3. Those sweet potato hash browns sound good...

    As to the ISHIYAKI-IMO, just wrap those sweet potatoes in some wet newspaper and put them on the grill over hot coals. You don't want flames, just hot coals. Bring over a batch and I will fire up the grill and roast up some for you. ;^)

  4. Sounds good. The potatoes need a few weeks to let the natural sugars do their thing, but I will be bring a few over when they are ready. Since the grill will be hot, do you think the potatoes would go better with burgers or steak?

  5. do you think the potatoes would go better with burgers or steak?

    Burgers, if I am buying, or steak if you are buying. ;^P