Thursday, November 4, 2010

What kind of plants are good to grow?

I wasn't sure how to post a photo in a response, so I made a new post to respond to Takako's question. What kind of plants are good to grow?

Personally, I like plants I can eat. One of my good friends suggests planting the roots from green onions. Most people throw them away, but sometimes they will grow again.

Avocado seeds are also really fun to start from. I think it is difficult to grow actual avocados. However, the seed grows into a really cute little tree. If you need a house plant, try an avocado.

My wife and I started gardening in Japan by trying to grow our own pizza toppings. We enjoyed it, so we planted more each season. Now, we don't need to buy so many vegetables. I will try to post more about this soon.

What kind of vegetables do you eat often?


  1. I want to grew roots from green onions! I think I can.

    I eat often cabbage, brocoli!!

  2. Great! Cabbage and broccoli are pretty easy. You need to plant them in the fall and let them grow slowly over winter. In early spring, they get big really fast. The plants are very affordable at Juntendo.

    Do you have a place to grow vegetables?