Sunday, February 27, 2011

New favorite fantasy author

I like adventure stories, especially if they involve a little magic. My mom gave me this book by Patrick Rothfuss. This is his first book and I really enjoyed it. If you like a good fantasy story, I recommend this one.

His next book will be published in March, 2011. I can't wait.


  1. This is a great book. I am looking forward to downloading the Kindle version of the new one this week...

  2. It sounds like fun!!
    What's this story about??

  3. It is a book about a very powerful man. In the book, the hero, named Kvothe, tells the story of his childhood. He was a very intelligent boy, who grew up in a traveling circus. He didn't go to school, but learned about life from all the different people he met. On day, something terrible happens and he finds himself in constant trouble. (I don't want to say more than this.) Overcoming one trouble at a time, he manages to survive and has many adventures.

    In this fictional world, people still use horses and wagons. They travel and stay at taverns and inns, kind of like in Lord of the Rings. The "magic" in the book is more like an alternative science without much mystery. It is relatively light compared to other fantasy books.

    Tomo, what kind of books do you like to read for fun?