Monday, December 6, 2010

Hiding the messy corner

When we got cable and 'wireless' internet in our house, we also got a corner filled with electronic devises and wires. We didn't like looking at the mess. 
I took an old kimono drawer, sanded it down, flipped it over and used it to cover the wires. I also made a small drawer to hold our remote controls. I still need to stain it to make it all the same color, but I am happy we don't have to look at the mess anymore.

Is there anything at your house that bothers you? How would you like to change it?


  1. It looks good! I have to clean up my messy room... I have to move summer clothes to my home because I don't have enough space in my room...

  2. It's good idea!! I'll try it:)

  3. Well done. Were did you get the old kimono box?
    This post makes me want to dust off the tools and make something...

  4. A neighbor was going to burn it because the other drawer in the set was broken. I asked if I could have this one. He thought I was a little crazy (and he is probably right), but he let me have it.