Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First snowman of the year

I made Aiko's orange creation a friend.

(My wife and I have to practice naming things.) What should we name this one?


  1. Wow! THere's a lot of snows!! Is that Yasaka??
    and thank you for making a friend for my best friend "orange". He's not alone anymore....

    I can't think of any nice name for him/her.

  2. Actually, the snowballs are about the same size as the oranges you stacked. This photo just makes it look like more.

    If you call yours "orange" maybe we should call this one "White" or "Snow".
    Which one do you like better?
    Or do you think we should just call it "Snowwhite"?

  3. His name will be just "Snow"!^^