Thursday, October 14, 2010

All work and no play makes Craig a dull boy. So, I decided to start and finish my days with something interesting. I moved a few books and made room for pull ups! I can't do that many, yet. But, I do as many as I can when I arrive at work and again before I leave. My short-term goal is to work up to sets of 10. I might do pull ups more often during winter because I sometimes get sleepy or cold. I think exercise is a good way to warm up quickly.

The metal bookshelf is nice because I can use a magnet to hang something in front of me. I can review articles for my research or look at outlines of papers I have to write. I find looking at outlines helps me organize my thoughts. Today, I decided to hang a copy of motivational teaching practices by Dornyei (2001). He has many great ideas about how to help groups stay motivated.


  1. Good luck getting through Dornyei during a set of 10 pull ups. That is, if you don't get motion sickness from reading like that first...

  2. I think that's a good idea!

    In winter, I sometimes feel sleepy and my attention span gets low(it's probably because of heating).
    I'll try light exercises in my room;)

  3. I wish it was cold during my winter. I do my pull ups and it turns into a cardio workout. Not that I do that many, but it's so dang hot that I'm sweating gallons out of my Daisy Duke cut offs.
    Nice blog and keep up the healthy lifestyle. I'm inspired to find out more about Dornyei.

  4. Yeah. I can't read new things while moving very well, but I find that looking at an outline of something I've already read is easy enough. I can review important ideas at least twice a day.